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TriNala Hang Up Their Headsets

Second Life friends, after 5 years of TriNala shows, we'll be doing a final set on August 29th, 8-midnight pst. before we hang our headsets up for a long needed rest. Please come and celebrate the closing of 5 great years with us. I'll post... a reminder a week before but wanted my friends to be the first to hear it directly from me. Much love.

I Got An A!

I just got my midterm back and I got an A! Not only that but I had the highest score in my class with a 91.1! I think I'm gonna like this college thing. :D

One Class Started...

another one to go.

So, my first class was, well, I dunno what it was, the jurry's still out on this. I'm more anxious about tomorrow's class. Math has never been my strong suit and I have to take this 3 hours twice a week. Ugh

I'm A College Student

For the first time since I graduated high school, I'm going back to class. I'll be slowly warming up with a College Success class and a Pre-Algebra class (what can I say, I suck at math). No telling what the future holds but looking forward to the journey.

It's finally here

What I've been working on for the last several months with some of the greatest talent in SL.


Not Excited

I'm not excited about this birthday at all. I've never felt as apathetic about a birthday as I do this year. Meh.

Moderate OSA and Treatment

I had a sleep study done and was diagnosed with moderate obstructive sleep apnea a couple of weeks ago. I stopped breathing an average of 29 times per hour. I would stop breathing for up to 22 seconds each time. During the course of the evening my heart rate went from 55bpm at the beginning to 115bpm just before waking. This is what's been causing the exhaustion; my body wasn't resting.

I went and picked up my cpap machine yesterday. I look like an alien face sucker is attached to me when I wear the apparatus. I woke up a few times during the night and took it off several times but I managed to keep it on for most of the night. It's going to take a bit of getting used to and some adjustments but there's light at the end of the tunnel. For the first time in what seems like forever, I don't feel exhausted. I don't feel like crawling right back into bed and sleeping a few more hours. Granted, I don't feel "awake" but this is a very promising start.
I was filming a show. It was a courtroom scene. Many of the people who were in the scene were drunk. It was supposed to be an empty set but when I got in there, there was an actual case going on and they told me to take a seat on one of the benches to wait. A gurney got rolled into the doors and on it was my dad, he sat up and started laughing, told me everything was okay. I got light-headed and thought I was having a heart attack. Sat there with my head tucked between my knees till it passed.

I got up and went out into the hallway where my dad was waiting for me. He said he had to go and I started crying my eyes out. I remember holding him tightly and telling him how much I loved him and that I'd miss him. He walked around the corner and disappeared.

I went back into the courtroom set, crying. Some of my uncles were there, they were teasing me about crying. My grandmother who passed away last year was there too. She told me in spanish that if they kept teasing me to tell them to go fuck themselves and i clung on to her, crying into her neck and shoulder telling her how much I loved her.

We couldn't continue shooting the scene so it cuts to needing to move. I couldn't find work but we had a new place that was just down the street. My brother and mother were helping me move dishes from one place to the next and the place was in a wooded area. We were all in the kitchen getting other dishes washed and packed up when I looked out the window. A big black bear had a cougar on it's backside, literally. A smaller brown bear was chasing the two down a dirt path. My dog, who has never been my dog in reality, was chasing the three of them. All of a sudden they did a 180 and started coming back up the path. My dog started attacking the black bear, the cat got off the bear and all of them started attacking my dog. I started screaming for my dog to run away but they started tearing into him. I remember closing my eyes and screaming over and over and everyone around me screaming, telling me not to look. I woke up just after.

Christmas Goodies

Nala and I have a bad habit of exchanging gifts too early. We were very proud of ourselves, waiting till the 23rd before exchanging them this year. He got me a new set of Calphalon cookware and a new computer chair as my main pressies. SQUEE! I got him a new gaming mouse, a couple of games and a space heater for under his desk. Can you tell which one of us is unemployed at the moment? :P

Went to my mom's for Christmas eve. My bro, sil, his friend and girlfriend came by as well. Had a lovely turkey dinner and opened presents afterwards. Mom got me a fleece blanket, oh so comfie. Bro got us a pic of Nala and I in a nice frame. I loved it, it's of Nala and I Kissing at their wedding and the frame reads, "ALWAYS...Kiss me goodnight." Nala got a robe from my mom, which he'd been needing a new one. We got my mom a computer. It's a used one but it works and she's been wanting one forever. She was floored.

For Christmas day, we opened his mom's box of gifties to us which always includes stockings. That's my favorite thing from them every year. :D She got us a terabyte external HD. WooT! A game and mice with catnip for the girls. We played video games all afternoon, had hot buttered rum, took a nap. Ended the evening with a little bit of SL, then some WoWing before bed.

I may be money poor but I'm family and friends rich and that's the best present of all.